Children’s Mental Health Week

In Year 6 we worked on creating our own ‘Wellness Wells’. We thought about all the things that help keep use healthy and are great for our mental health. We talked about how these things might be different for different people and all of the things we would put in our well to make us healthy.


Our Mental Health

Our Feelings
In Year 6 our teachers always want you to be happy during the year. That’s why we know we can express out feelings through different ways. In our class we have a feelings board which has the feelings from the film ‘Inside Out’. We have joy, jealousy, fear sadness and anger. We have pictures of our faces and can place them on the one we are feeling. Once you have done that our teachers will have a check on you and come over and talk to you about why you are feeling this way.

The Worry Box
Now if you have any worries that are bothering you during your day at school, at any time you can write a worry on a note and put it in the worry box. Sometimes this can help as it comes out of you and on to the paper! Again our teachers will come over and read it and try their best to help.

At St Cuthbert’s our school will help any pupil who is experiencing troubling times!

By a Year 6 pupil

Reading Wall And Library

Recently, an addition to the classroom has been placed. A new Reading Wall! Children answer questions which are renewed every week. This system encourages and allows people to have their own opinions while adding a trinket of fun.

Complementing the reading wall perfectly is out own, special library. The fabulous, glittering chairs accompanied by a navy blue rug adds a homely touch to it. As well as beautiful décor, an abundance of books live on our much-loved library shelves and we can borrow the books using our library cards. The library cards all of our class to borrow books and keep a record of them. So, whenever we look at the great amount of books we have read we feel victorious and are urged to read even more!

Written By A Year 6

Mushroom Hunting

In science Year 6 have been learning all about classification keys. We have been hunting for mushrooms in our ground all term and yesterday we found them all! We used our findings to make classification keys to help people identify which mushroom is which.

Spitfire Planes

The children love their first Year 6 topic – World War Two!

After learning about British military aircraft, we agreed that the Spitfire plane was our favourite and decided to put our design and technology and art skills to good use to each make one using newspaper and Plaster of Paris.

Don’t they look great!

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